Oxford Circus

When I first got my camera I used to film as much as I could, which is something I unfortunately don’t do much of anymore unless it’s for work. It’s mainly because of a lack of time or maybe a small lack of motivation. When I got to Europe, it was the first time in a few years that I actually had a few weeks off with nothing to worry about besides enjoying myself. It gave me some time back and I decided to take the opportunity to return to what I enjoyed the most, and film. I spent some time at Oxford Circus during one of my last days in London. I put on my 135mm and hit the record button, I kept going for about 2-3 hours and managed to gather enough footage to cut together a short little film to a beautiful piece of music by Hiatus.

I’ve never been one for creating fictional films or writing narratives (maybe not for now anyways), I prefer to try and curate pure emotion in whatever I film, and then let the experience tell the story.

This film is a little bit longer than usual, but I urge you to take the five minutes, watch the film and take away the story that you see.

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