the london underground with @missunderground

A few years ago when I discovered the @missunderground account I was amazed! The account came across as the closest thing I could imagine to a Instagram super hero, all the beautifully symmetrical, perfectly composed images made the gallery of the account mysterious.

I was privileged enough to have spent a good few hours with @missunderground in London exploring the tubes, thousands of people use these tubes every day and they have become just a means to an end. But @missunderground manages to capture these tubes in such a way that they come to life. These clean shots, with perfect composition seem to lead the eye through the tubes in the most perfect way possible.

These are a few dslr shots I took with my 15mm fishey while we were exploring, but if you want to have your mind blown then take a look at the @missunderground account.

Gareth Pon

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